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Wp suspension setup

Wp suspension setup

Not sure it’s the best out there? KTM Ultimate Race participants will be using it in this year’s Merzouga Rally. Please make sure to consult your WP Authorized Center for the correct setup and individual changes on the i have known wp suspensions for a long time. jobé was 500 world champ on a private honda using them. If you exceed those numbers or are installing a new aftermarket shock, it’s a good idea to check the sag on your suspension. KTM, Husqvarna Dirt Bike Suspension Tuning & Setup. This makes sure the suspension returns to its normal resting position. Pro-Action Rocky Mountain is Colorado's premier MX Suspension Service Center. Öhlins Racing. We’re pleased to work with people far and wide when it comes to tuning the suspension on all types of bikes! guide your suspension setup.

New Suspension School Website Launched. KTM no longer owns WP Suspension, however, and WP Suspension has expanded into the road market. If i were you, i would start at 130 psi because of your weight and work down until the larger obstacles make you bottom or the front gets head shake after a straight, then add 5 psi and dial in with clickers. We offer both suspension and engine servicing, setup, race prep and also deal in all WP suspension products The NEW xplor forks are simple but lack sufficient damping to be taken seriously. suspension mx motocross. Some still do, but for the most part, suspension shops have figured out how to duplicate that feel with valving. 5-inches to 10. TW Suspension Tech, The North West's Suspension Set Up Specialist.

There is a built-in neck support, Most like We offer suspension re-valve and rebuild services for a wide variety of off-road motorcycles. Mountain Bike. After reinstalling the suspension, it is helpful to devote a little time to a test session. All work performed by PRO-ACTION is guaranteed for 30 days against defects in workmanship or materials. Suspension Form. _____ As the suspension on this side travels upward Moto Lab offers KTM, Husqvarna Dirt Bike Suspension Setup, Tuning, and Lowering Service that gives you the best riding experience. 0Start riding your practice trail as close to race speed as possible for about 10 minutes so that you can get a good feel for how the suspension is working with these base settings. Skyler Howes Wins 4 USRA Races When it comes to Utah desert racing, Skyler Howes is the man.

MORE > RACING. The WP suspension takes a lot of particular knowledge to get set up best. Various tracks or trail systems may require slightly different settings. Why should you choose LT-Racing? All work performed by Factory Trained Master Technicians. MORE > ROAD. COM. 95 Select options Fork Seals for WP, KTM, Husaberg, Husqvarna by SKF For everyone thats at wits end with their WP suspension heres a couple things that worked for me, (6 172 lb 50 yr old true B class MXer. Bump steer is a front suspension tuning option commonly used to change steering characteristics over rough and loose terrain.

Compute the stiffness of complex shim stack structures. . Suspension Tuning Guide Download our Off-Road Suspension Tuning Guide to create a better riding experience and get an advantage over your competition. Do not modify your bike frame or fork. Dr Dirt - Adjusting your Suspension Clickers. SuSpenSion Setup Guide. It was setup in 1989 by Mark Hammond following 6 years as a top motorbike suspension and race technician on the Moto X Grand Prix circuit, along with 2 years at WP Suspension in Holland. Changes made in settings should be done 1-2 clicks (LS Comp.

OEM adjusters can make the ride better but lack the range to make the bike unrideable. Used by many top pros, WP's Cone Valve Forks and Trax Shock are a factory level setup available to you from Race Tech. As the budget for suspension tightened up it is clear that we will see some shortcomings from the performance and modifications will be necessary for the serious rider or racer. Seven myths about motorcycle suspension Posted on 16th July, 2015 by Mark Hinchliffe While most riders change the mufflers on their new motorcycle first, the most important modification to any motorcycle is the suspension, according to suspension expert Sam Simmons of Oliver’s Motorcycles . The South West's Premier WP Authorised Centre WP TRAX Shocks 1 Benefits // You feel more confident and you have more comfort // You feel more grip traction of the rear wheel, you accelerate faster // Your bike rides higher in the stroke when navigating repeated bumps (no "packing down") // The TRAX technology is Read more about WP Suspension[…] Now you've got a measurement for full shock extension, get a mate to hold your bike while you jump up and down on it. m. The suspension is also biased towards road use rather than dirt use. Wear full riding gear, have race sag properly set, proper spring rates, and the clicker positions written on the suspension units.

Of course "The TECH" never shy's away from a challenge. wp suspension pro components: offroad innovations for the next generation! true to the motto “get in front”, wp suspension is on a mission to innovate and now introduces inspired new and patented technology for the supertrax shock absorber. 00 We are here to provide you with the very best motocross and off road suspension options available, with setups to put you on the podium, or take you from the average to remarkable at the top of your game with your buddies. "Things are bound toe improve!" Many people just concentrate on lowering the car and assume that stiffer springs and the lower ride height will improve handling. For over Fifteen years now MCT suspension has been using our experience and development skills to achieve the greatest set-ups for all our customers and there needs. We offer full revalving options for Road, Motocross, Enduro and Supermoto with an individual set-up to suit every rider. Try 4 for street, 3 for track. Indeed, the Moto2 World champion Johann Zarco dominated the series this year on WP suspension.

KTM WP XPLOR Fork and Shock Review With the new bikes hitting the showroom floor we have had a full year to put the new KTM WP XPLR suspension through it’s paces. Steps 3 & 5 are specific to DRCV-equipped bikes: Suspension Adjustment. This is best achieved by setting up a short course, one mile or less, that includes obstacles that you normally encounter in your riding. 2018 Suzuki RM-Z450. There are many factors that affect overall chassis performance. Chevy/GMC, Ford, Ram, International and Freightliner models. 928-362-1486 info@motolabdirtbikes. within the General Z1000/Z750 forums, part of the Kawasaki Z1000, Ninja 1000, Z800, Z750 & Z-750S category; Originally Posted by BB-z1000 do you do lots of track work? i'd only bother changing out my stock suspension if i spent lots of time We don't want your ride to be held back by your suspension.

huck valves hucks are available for wp 48mm closed chamber, wp 4cs, kyb 48mm closed chamber sss, showa 48mm closed chamber Showa sff 2013+, showa 49mm tacair $350-500 plus install. Download our suspension form, print it, fit it out and mail it in with your suspension. The UK's only motorcycle suspension school, where students learn how to service and modify their suspension through hands-on experience. With LTR, you get a complete revalve with all circuits inspected, serviced, and tuned to work in unison. Conveniently access the workshop manual from anywhere – works with all computers capable of viewing PDF files. AEO Powersports is proud to be one of the exclusive dealers for WP Suspension. Choose to have your suspension set-up for road, trackday or race use. This settings are mend for a base setup which suites most riders.

If the spring is mounted at an angle, the reduced motion of the spring must also be taken into account. 0 Items. Step 1: First find the fully UNLOADED length of your rear suspension. PRO COMPONENTS OFFROAD 2018 EN / DE WWW. After taking the Showa BFRC shock apart and reviewing the design first hand the … MXT 2017 New Products. Utilizing the knowledege that was learned from the WP drop in's that we helped develop, we approached MX-Tech about making a system for the Beta. com. In addition to creating custom suspension components, Cogent Dynamics provide service and rebuilding for a variety of brands including Ohlins, WP, Penske, JRI, KYB, Showa and others.

Prices may vary outside the continental United States. Setting up your motorcycle suspension is one of the most arcane and confounding disciplines, yet one of the most important. Visit our store. The WP AER 48 Cone Valve Fork comes with a thoroughly developed setup for the different KTM SX Models. Whether you require a basic suspension set-up for the road or a full race kit for the track, FTR can help you. The shock temperature is lowered and the frictionless bladder offers a more reactive and improved ride over extreme hack, acceleration and braking bumps. After a dead last start, Devan came through the entire Pro field saying his suspension was the difference. This is a discussion on Suspension Setup By weight.

Call us for your specific needs, and we'll hook you up with the best KTM suspension services, period! WP Suspension. Over two-wheel bumps, the motion ratio is 1:1. OFFROAD. AHM Factory Services delivers factory-quality off-road motorcycle service to all riders and racers looking to achieve a higher level of performance. Developed in close collaboration with current World Championship riders, the WP AER 48 Cone Valve Fork is an evolution in suspension technology delivering the highest possible performance, setups and handling. 5N/mm, compared to the YZ450F’s 4. 1 company for Advanced Suspension Technology. SP Performance is the evolution of Stillwell Suspension and one of the countries leading suspension tuners.

WP Pro Components off-road suspension systems are set to be released this year. There was a period where many riders thought that progressive springs were the hot setup. To that end, we also did development with a midpack B enduro test rider as well as women riding the 2012 with the new suspension- because your suspension has to work for you. The Tractive DDA line, powered by DSC Sport, features the patented DDA valve. The suspension setup is unbalanced to begin with (see Balance above). TBT Racing engine modifications improve low-end, top-end and just make the bike pull harder from idle to the rev limiter. Upper Link Axle Mount , If using the FFR Moser axle skip to the next section since the upper link bracket is welded to the axle. As per standard setup, but this also includes a spring change to the forks.

We specialize in re-valving your bike’s suspension to fit your height, weight, skill level, and type of riding. We go beyond the baseline setup by working with each rider to ensure they find the perfect settings. The AER 48 air fork offers a three pound K-Tech Suspension specialises in manufacturing, servicing and supplying products to the motorcycle suspension industry Diagram 1 (A-arm Suspension) The motion Ratio is a lever arm effect of the control arm acting on the spring. Founded in 2010 by former core members of the R&D and production departments of WP Suspension, Tractive Suspension is dedicated to producing the finest quality electronically adjustable active suspension components for the sports car and motorbike markets. p 3-Link rear suspension with kit. The fork system on the 650gs is a simple plunger or damping rod design and it could be considered a weak point on an otherwise capable machine. Our race proven valving solutions allow for greater speed and comfort no matter what your skill level or terrain. We start by selecting the correct spring rates to uphold the weight of the motorcycle and rider.

We take the mass produced stock suspension, and turn it into your suspension!!! Most of this "BYPASSING" happens at low suspension speeds. Same day rush service is available for suspension ONLY = $75. How to set suspension rebound and compression damping. CLICK HERE for a printable suspension setup sheet. Motocross Action Magazine Getting your suspension set up is essential to making your bike handle well, but it’s certainly not a simple one hit process. Don’t be scared of doing this. Suspension Courses. i really never payed any atention to the name in a racist point of view.

2 We will collect all of your information and explain the benefits, details and pricing of your suspension service, as well as determine which FC facility will be serving you. Comments. Fork dive cannot be reduced by adjusting the clicker due to the problems with WP’s split adjuster system explained earlier. KTM/WP receives input from numerous areas of racing such as Endurocross, Hare and Hound, Hare Scrambles, Enduro, Motocross and Supercross. Trouble Shooting. Build your setup around your front sway bar setting if you know what sway bar you are typically comfortable with. Preload between 2-4 from soft. Prices are subject to change without prior notification.

Öhlins is the number 1 suspension manufacturer of suspension for motorcycle and cars within aftermarket, OEM and motorsport with over 300 motorsport titles. Browse all the JBI Suspension Pro Setups available for Honda, Husky, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, and Yamaha motorcycles. WP Suspension Upper & Lower Fork Decals. Put the bike on a stand that allows the suspension to fully extend. To create better comfort, most suspension tuners concentrate on changing the check valve setting. Fork Valving Shims $ 1. Learn about our Suspension Lowering Services at MotoLab LLC. PREMIUM WP A-KIT SUSPENSION: As a WP Authorized Center, Race Tech can provide you with WP's premium line of A-Kit suspension with a personalized setup guaranteed to exceed your highest expectations.

Through continuous testing, customer feedback and working with companies such as WP Suspension, KYB and Showa we've established a vast range of suspension solutions for Motocross and Enduro riders. Chevrolet Malibu Suspension Parts You Can Trust. com If building a coil binding setup, a larger sway bar is recommended. suspension and geometry adjustments when you have no idea of the basics: where your clickers are, ride height, springs rate, shock length. We specialise in complete motorcycle suspension set up, tuning and servicing. 21 reviews of Exceptional Suspension Products "Called ESP to set up an appointment to take my 2012 Kawasaki KX450F in for a suspension size up, front fork seal job, and some minor motor work. Fork Upgrades. By now, your bike should be lower than it was when topped out.

As the industry changed, so did Full Travel. Try 2 for street, 3 for track. KTM WP SUSPENSION MANUALS: KTM WP 4CS Rebuild Manual; KTM WP Cone Valve Service Manual; 2007 WP Shock Absorber 690 Supermoto -50SX; 2005-2007 WP Fork 690-950-990 Service Repair Manual; 2005-2012 KTM WP 4860 CC Fork Repair Manual; 2005-2012 KTM WP 5018 Shock Absorber Repair Manual; 4357 4860 MXMA WP KTM Fork Manual; KTM WP PDS 2003 5018 repair Authorized Suspension Service Center or call the Cane Creek Customer Service Team. WP Suspension USA - 38340 Innovation Court, Suite 701, Murrieta, California 92563 - Rated 5 based on 10 Reviews "I've ridden motorcycles most of my life Front suspension. 3 We will ship a suspension box to your doorstep, complete with a return label to the Factory Connection facility that has been discussed with you. Most commonly, our customers' suspension is set-up too hard even for track use! "90% of the suspension consultations carried out by J9 Motorcycles reveal that the front forks do not share the same settings" Have your suspension set-up to your "laden sag" rider bodyweight. Whether you ride supercross, arenacross, motocross, supermoto, desert, GNCC, trail, enduro or hare scrambles, you are not getting the most performance out of your suspension unless it is set-up for the type of riding you do. Find Ohlins motorcycle suspension and accessories at MotoSport.

For the rear suspension, I have two diagrams for you. When you think of WP suspension, off-road racing and KTM may come to mind. Fine tuning your suspension setup for your driving style. We take the mass produced stock suspension, and turn it into your suspension!!! Off Road Shock Servicing and Upgrades Maximising Rider Confidence and Machine Performance. Suspension Set-Up Having your motorcycle suspension properly set up will greatly improve the handling, feedback, traction and balance of your bike. The AER 48 Cone Valve Fork combines two of WP’s greatest technologies: The Cone Valve damping system and the AER spring system. These tools with a unique “T” number (available at WP Suspension) protect you from damaging the parts. ESR rocketed into the suspension orbit in 2016 when Earl Shuler Racing (ESR) became famous for its WP 4CS fork mods at a time when WP’s 4CS forks had stymied most suspension gurus.

Compression between 3-6 stiff. Search products in Automotive, Motorcycle. Cogent Dynamics is proud to provide top-tier custom motorcycle suspension service, repair, overhaul and rebuild help for your bike. The spring in the shock TEN THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SUSPENSION SETUP. A properly set up bike is also a much safer bike to ride. The system has been around so long that most avenues have been explored. maybe cuz i really think that a mans skin collor is just as important as the collor of his hair or his eyes. 2011 GG with Marzocchi 45 We developed the 2011 GasGas (or Gas Gas) suspension in conjunction with Scott Bright and several local riders.

Specialist in complete Motorcycle suspension set up, servicing and tuning. Holmewood Lane Armthorpe Doncaster DN3 3EH UK Tel: 07980 174 747 (Mike) Email: info@fatcatsuspension. Other fork designs are girder forks, suspended on sprung parallel links (not common since the 1940s) and bottom leading link designs, not common since the 1960s. Click To Submit A Setup Form N2Dirt Fork and Shock Servicing (Forks: KYB, SHOWA, WP) (Shocks: KYB, SHOWA, WP) Forks $110, Shock $105. Super Plush Suspension, owned and operated by James Siddall, is THE place to have your motorcycle suspension work done. how to set up you suspension kayaba motocross motocross action mxa racw sag showa static sag ten things WP. Suspension that bottoms out too easily might need more compression from your clickers, more compression valving, a higher oil level, stiffer spring rate, or just All of this development directly benefits all of our off-road customers, and has led to the development of our SPS Superkit for the WP PDS shock, which offers a huge benefit in off-road performance and addresses some of the inherent limitations in the KTM/WP linkless rear suspension arrangement. Whether a motorcycle has adjustable or non-adjustable suspension, it comes from the factory with the suspension set up for a single rider – even if it’s a dual-seat bike Ridgerunner Setup Ridgerunner setup is similar to the above setup in that you want the foot end of the hammock set higher, but maybe only 12″ higher instead of 16″ on the Blackbirds.

Most of it is the same between TT and NA, but the TT has HICAS 4-wheel steering, so it has a HICAS Rack and tie rods, much like a front steering rack. of them, requires some custom parts and setup work but the end result is sweet. That's exactly what you'll get from TBT Racing. Paul Baerickes MPE has been specialising in customising motorcycle suspension to suit each individual owners requirements for over fifteen years. The most common form of front suspension for a modern motorcycle is the telescopic fork. I was not just amazed at the amazing PLUSHNESS of the suspension but the bikes setup felt purely incredible. Save even more money if you convert to our Pontiac conversion kit for a smooth and soft ride. The suspension travel goes from the standard 9.

They were very professional and had a great bedside… Advice start settings WP MXMA 4800 KIT Suspension Track Compression Rebound Preload Ride height (clicks) (clicks) (turns) Sand 10 18 3 0 lines Hard-pack 12 16 0 2 lines * Settings depended on ride style, rider, bike type and riders weight. GP Suspension specializes in manufacturing, servicing and supplying, the highest quality performance products in the motorcycle suspension industry Off-road motorcycle suspension tuning and simplified valving diagnostics THIS WEBSITE HAS VERY HARD TO FIND VALVING INFORMATION!!! Ever wondered how to make your bike handle properly? Technical Solution Suspension are a WP authorised centre based in Bristol. We also do select ATV, street bike and snowmobile services. Whether you’re 60kg or 100kg, riding sand tracks or hard pack, the setup and tuning of your motorcyle is paramount to getting the most out of your bike and the riding experience. At 14, he began an apprentceship as a motorcycle mechanic. Zarco clinched the title early Out testing today with @priit221 his new MX2 setup🔥 ️Good progress for day 1!🙌 @hondacentereesti @wp_suspension @wpscandinavia #procomponents #getinfront #conevalve #trax #honda #crf250r #motocross #braap Suspension. Showa 's compression setup is stepless (as with rebound), and the baseline setting is often all the way in plus one turn beyond the first alignment of the punch marks WP Suspension has been working feverishly in the R&D department and the WP AER 48 fork is now available to the public. COATINGS 2006 KTM 950 SM Supermoto WP Suspension Rear Shock Damper 375mm 15187B03 off a bike with 30489 original miles.

WP aftermarket was closed down by KTM in 2009 and Full Travel became abbreviated to FTR in 2009 when it took on the UK importership of Ohlins Suspension along with 4 other dedicated Ohlins Centres. Most motorcycle suspension is set up for a rider weighing 170lbs with a helmet and riding gear and carrying a maximum of 15lbs of luggage. maybe cuz i'm no racist. Many shops only tune 1/3 of the fork by only concentrating on the compression valving. REVALVE. White Power Suspension Upper & Lower Fork Decals. totally transform your triple clamp forks ! K-Tech Suspension have central European warehousing dedicated to supplying their international dealer network, a dedicated R&D team who are constantly developing new and innovative product and a training centre to ensure that all partners are fully trained and getting the most from the worlds leading suspension. Pro Motion Suspension is the northwest leader in off road motorcycle suspension, with over 20 years of experience.

As the riding season rapidly approaches, most riders are looking to get their … Our new Krooztune Fork Flow kit is designed to suit KTM’s new WP AER 35 (std on the 2017/18 KTM 65 and 50cc models) and the older WP35 front forks with the added bonus of converting it to a more conventional twin fork spring setup. 6-inches. Adjusting bump steer is done by changing the angle of the steering link. Therefore the adjusters or "clickers" adjust the low speed characteristics of the suspension more than anything else. You get what you want, not a compromise. Southern Racing Suspension specialises in Motocross (MX) and Enduro race tuning and bike suspension set-ups to give you the competitive edge on the track. Reduce the fade and improve the performance of the WP XPLOR forks with our XPLOR fork kit. WP East Valley Location Mesa, AZ (480) 981-4070.

If you do not have a centre stand find a means of lifting the rear wheel up under the engine so that there is no weight (including the weight of the bike) on the rear axle and wheel. Upon purchasing my new 2013 350SX-F i knew i would have an interesting time sorting out & setting up the suspension (didnt find too many good things being SUSPENSION TESTING AND ADJUSTMENT. The Official KTM Suspension Workshop Manual can now be legally accessed online. Diagram 2 (Beam Axle Suspension) The motion Ratio of a live axle setup is shown here. The better picture we have of your complete setup, the better we can tune the suspension to your specific needs. The compression and rebound damping adjusters on your suspension are known as your Suspension Setup By weight. Showing 1–12 of 130 results. Click on each item for more details KTM partners with White Power (WP) for their suspension needs.

Always use aluminium protector-plates, when WP components are the highest quality, most versatile suspension on the market. If you have ever ridden a HP2, you feel that plushness on the rear air shock which is a vastly difference experience to our WP setup. Krooztune offer a wide range of custom design & developed lowering kits to suit many road and off road bikes. That way, if we do come up with an improvement at a later date or your skill level and speed improves to the point where an upgrade is needed, we can easily make those changes to your suspension or tell you where your suspension clickers need to be moved to. The SPS felt something like that, and I am just amazed. MotoUSA recently spent a day riding the new AER 48, which is a direct replacement for the 4CS fork on newer KTM and Husqvarna MX bikes. Tune crossover gaps, shim thickness, stack taper and clamp to match specific damping profiles or a clicker setting. We provide custom setup and suspension services for motocross, minis, off-road, enduro, supermoto, and trail riding.

LiquidSpring CLASS bus suspension systems offer passengers a smoother, more comfortable ride. 2007 SUSPENSION Front Suspension - H3 SPECIFICATIONS FASTENER TIGHTENING SPECIFICATIONS Fastener Tightening Specifications REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS With over 20 years of experience, Bones Bacon still dictates the setup of all the motorcycle suspension that comes through the shop. Very stiff and durable 48mm fork tubes, thick 26mm axle Lowering Kits. In conjunction with JM Racing, over 30 years of experience goes into every suspension service. 75+ This will help keep the nose planted while cornering. A leading company in Motorcycle Suspension Technology. Rear Suspension. .

We have a variety of great Fork & Shock supplies. Warning Modification, improper service or use of aftermarket replacement parts voids the warranty and may cause the fork to malfunction, resulting in loss of vehicle Safety Warnings control and SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. The XPlor fork has the worst brake dive I have experienced in any modern performance-oriented dirt bike. Suspension. ANZE Suspension is scalable and upgradeable: PENSKE Racing Shocks is our technical supplier: ANZE Suspension can take you from mid pack to front of the pack! ANZE Suspension is designed around your specifications and requirements, not a one size fits all philosophy. From simple servicing of shocks and forks to high performance modifications for racing, our years of experience are unmatched. Setup Notes After Phil Douglas setup the shock for me in December of 2015, he gave me the following setting suggestions: Rebound between 12-8 from stiff. Together, these give you some serious improvements.

BTO Sports offers a great selection of motocross and dirt bike suspension> parts and accessories, including works fork kits, fork legs, rising rate fork springs, linkage arms, lowering links, dirt bike rear suspension parts and shock rebuild kits. No matter what you suspension needs, Strutmasters has you covered. Customising your motorcycles suspension damping system, spring rates and height will result in a dramatic change in ride quality, performance and feel. The way the Marzocchi forks come Setup and tune your suspension far beyond the limits previously possible. Put your bike on its centre stand. Works Shock Kit WP Parts of your success - WP Cone Valve With current MX forks a lot of compression damping is required. Select the brand of your bike, the year and the model to find the right WP PRO COMPONENT for you. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.

Making Sense Of Suspension: SET UP FOR SUCCESS. Luckily, we have the answer. Most front Contact Us FatCat Suspension Ltd. All of our bike lowering kits are made with quality materials and machined in-house within Australia, ensuring the highest possible quality. RG3 Suspension, based out of Southern California prides itself on its motorcycle and ATV suspension service as well as our products. Find everything you need for your air suspension repair and maintenance at Strutmasters. Each Kit Contains 4 decals two upper and two lower fork decals. Please fill out this short questionnaire so that we can have as much information about your setup as possible.

9N/mm coils), and revised valving in both the fork and shock to suit off-road terrain. In this particular bike, the 09 300XC, we not only revalved the compression, rebound and midvalve in the fork, we changed the cartridge seal head to decrease stiction, as well as a few other things to get the fork working smoothly. Set this size and leave as is. No waiting, no shipping charges and no hassles. Front Fork Springs, Fork Oil and Full Setup. Allows for customized setup and improved comfort throughout the stroke Cone Valve system reduces the amount of shims, which limits the possibility of bent shims over time All adjustments made externally KTM Shock Sag Adjustment and Settings KTM Shock Sag Adjustment is a crucial step for proper bike setup. Click on image to visit new site. Works Enduro Rider by Drew Smith wp kyb showa kayaba enduro harew scramble gncc extreme enduro ecea netra forks shocks ohlins steering damper wer revalve suspension Motorcycle Suspension Service.

Suspension sag can be adjusted by adding or removing spring preload on your shock. Replacing the piston in WP shocks with a bladder to separate the nitrogen from oil greatly reduces heat caused by piston related friction. After repeated failed attempts by a “suspension tuner” to get his race bike to handle the way he wanted, Anthony decided it was time to learn all he could about suspension so he could do it himself. FTR Suspension is the premier Motorcycle Suspension centre in the UK. The NA has a more traditional setup, using a toe arm instead. Bones has become a world leader in the development and application of many works style parts for production suspension on Showa, KYB and WP. Whether it’s motocross, desert, trail riding, or supercross, we have the testing and experience to make your suspension the best it can be. Get mounting instructions and read owners manuals.

Stock suspension is rarely set-up for your unique height, weight, skill level and type of riding. WP spends a lot of time and energy working with KTM riders from around the globe. with WP suspension products as described in this workshop manual: Always use clean and professional tools. 10 Dirt Bike Suspension Tips. The internals are custom tuned to your skill and riding conditions and our proprietary APS compression valve is installed for more controlled action. Pro-Action takes mass-produced motorcycles and builds custom suspension for them to the specific needs of the owner. When you are looking for maximum performance out of your Beta there is no better solution. 375mm length - Its is straight and does not leak -.

Get fast, same day shipping on any products in stock when you order before 3 p. Cost £95. We know more power is good, but creating rideable, reliable horsepower that you can make the most of is the key to faster lap times. Follow these steps to optimize the performance of your Trek Full Suspension. If there's no difference, you have no sag and you're in trouble. Find an MCS dealers to help you select the best suspension system for your car. The business has progressed rapidly with the service and support for all makes of motorcycle suspension. Regular you need next to the general equipment, the special tools of WP Suspension.

Manuals. AHM services include engine rebuilds and modification, suspension tuning and rebuilding, race preparation, wheel building and full-bike builds. TROUBLE SHOOTING. Matt Crown of MCR became involved in suspension work in the mid-80’s while riding for a company named “Pro-Shock” where he did a majority of their test riding and R & D work. WP BLADDER CONVERSION KITS // $170 + INSTALLATION. There are two parts to the new setup, the WP XPLOR PRO 7548 forks, and the WP XPLOR PRO 6746 rear shock. MORE > KTM Parts. OEM Parts; Power Parts; Power Wear; Spare Part Kits; Husaberg Parts WP Suspension for F800GS.

James has worked in professional roadracing for the past twenty years including stints at such prestigious organizations as Factory Honda, Graves Yamaha and Team Hammer Inc. within the General Z1000/Z750 forums, part of the Kawasaki Z1000, Ninja 1000, Z800, Z750 & Z-750S category; Hey guys Im hoping you can help me get set up here. N2Dirt Suspension service is thorough and concise. 1. By Scot Gustafson posted Dec 5th, 2012 at 7:15pm. Eastern on any normal business day. Pontiac suspension systems are great but when the Pontiac struts fail or the Pontiac air springs go out, it's almost impossible to drive. WP's innovative line of suspension products including their AER and Spring Cone Valve line of forks to the revolutionary Trax shock, are simply the best suspension you can buy for those who demand the highest in performance.

Rear Suspension Set-Up. A good suspension tuner can make the PDS system sit up and do tricks. 00 + Vat. The JBI Suspension Pro Setup for the WP Bladder Fork and WP Linkage Shock features internal JBI Suspension mods matched with the below hardware upgrades to get the most performance out of your WP Bladder Fork and WP 5018 Linkage Shock for Motocross, Enduro, Off-Road, Arenacross, FMX, and Free Riding. The Ohlins Shock is surprisingly affordable and very heavy duty, a large 46mm body and 16mm shaft with adjustable compression, rebound and hydraulic spring preloader and suits a large range of practical use. K-Tech are ISO9001 accredited Can you fill me in on what you did , and a good idea of what the costs involved in going to the extreme on this WP suspension? Spring cartridge allows you to have the tech of the AER48 (valving, internals, part of the saved weight etc) while having the piece of mind, reliability, low maintenance of a spring fork. Remove the set-up sheet at the back of this manual and photocopy it. Keeping the suspension serviced is vital to keeping the bike working properly.

Suspension Setup Tips. Measure from the axle center vertically to a point on the chassis. MORE > OFFROAD MINI. JBI Suspension 2005-2007 Honda CRF450X Setup $615. WP AER Update: Are you part of the 4% club? Posted by Jeremy Wilkey on February 05, 2016 UPDATE: MXT was the first to call it like it is - that is to say that WP has a problem with their air forks. Bump steer occurs when a vehicles front toe angle changes as the suspension compresses or rebounds, which a˜ects how parallel the front wheels are. Setting Rider Sag. Boughner Racing Suspension takes care of all your suspension needs for Motocross, Ice, Flat Track, Super Moto, Trail, Enduro’s, Hare scrambles, Snowmobiles and Quads.

Like the WR250F, Yamaha’s 2016 WR450F runs the same KYB suspension componentry as the YZ-F it’s based on, albeit with substantially softer spring rates in its twin-cartridge AOS-type fork (4. ESR did this Yamaha Tenere Suspension Ohlins makes a front and rear matched set unlike other brands that may just offer a rear shock. Each KTM is engineered to work best at a certain suspension balance. Dealers and MCS can help you choose a damper system that will fit within your budget, class rules, and goals. /Rebound) or 1/4 – 1/2 turn at a time (HS Comp. Furthermore, an optional tuning kit allows the authorized WP Supplier to fine tune the damping of the fork to the PREMIUM WP A-KIT SUSPENSION: As a WP Authorized Center, Race Tech can provide you with WP's premium line of A-Kit suspension with a personalized setup guaranteed to exceed your highest expectations. 15 – $ 5. They do effect the high speed characteristics to a small extent, but that is what the suspension's INTERNAL VALVING does.

MH Suspension Ltd is the No. ). Keep the notes as a record for each track, and to give you direction when reviewing settings. The technology developed is proven and At Moto4Play, we specialize in supplying Florida motocross racers with personalized suspension services including anything from minor rebuilds to complete revalves. Adjustments will then be made to the standard suspension to find the best balance and set-up for the individual needs of each rider, advice will then be given for pillion and luggage settings if required. Suspension Setup By weight. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. LT-Racing Suspension Services.

You might set the suspension slightly tighter as well, closer to a 25 deg angle. some installs require shorter springs and mount kits. Try 9 for street, 8 for track. 00. The main factors are how heavy you are and how aggressive a rider you are, but after that there are all manner of other factors to take into account from terrain to weather conditions, and in the case of adventure bikes, how much luggage you are packing. RG3's products such as our triple clamps, linkages and Diamond Kit™ along with our customized suspension services - revalves and rebuilds, allow riders to go fast through terrain that otherwise would slow them down. WP-GROUP. Check the shock for smooth action and check the heim joints, and/or linkage bearings for excessive stiction and binding.

Airborne MX Suspension has been building suspension and supporting riders for over 18 years! Along the way we’ve established a network of top professionals in motocross, providing a valuable knowledge base. wp suspension setup

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